Latest moral short story

Latest moral short story

Our life goes on with thoughts only. Each thought is like a seed, which is the form of the tree which is our attitude and behavior.

Moral short Stories have a great impact on our lives. A moral short story can change our thoughts drastically. We only publish selected stories that can really bring a change in our lives. We hope that these Hindi stories will bring positive changes in your life.
Latest moral short story
Latest moral short story

Latest Moral short story in English

              Thoughtfully speak
A person strongly condemned his neighbor in front of a pastor. Later, when he realized his mistake, he again approached the pastor and apologized for that mistake. The pastor asked him to spread a bag full of feathers in the center of the city. The person did the same after listening to the pastor and then reached the priest.
Hearing that person, the priest told him to go and bring all those wings again in the bag. The man, with a little hesitation, tried to do this, considering the order of the pastor. Even after trying hard, he could not collect all the wings. When he reached in front of the pastor with a half bag, the pastor told him that the same thing applies in our lives.

Just as you cannot bring back wings, in the same way your bitter words cannot be returned. The loss of that person is now not possible to recover. Criticism does not mean talking negatively and complaining, but criticism can also be positive. Your effort should be to help with your criticism, with the ideas you suggest.

Advantages of moral short story

Education / Moral: Friends, it has been seen many times that the way parents interact with children determines the future of their children. So take care to say anything from home to outside with friends. So if you speak with understanding, you will always be in profit.

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